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Development Services & Consulting

Development Services & Consulting

Custom Solutions for your specific requirements

We can develop customized solutions for exactly satisfying your needs. If you have specific requirements for which standard general purpose software does not provide an adequate solution, or if you would like to have a slim and agile platform that perform only the required tasks without forcing you to pay for features that you will never use, then contact us for a customized solutions.

We providing consulting solutions on all latest technologies, which include:

  • Implementing Service Oriented Architecture & REST Solutions
  • Open Source Service Oriented Architecture (WSO2)
  • Open Source Enterprise Service Bus (WSO2, Mule, Apache ServiceMix) based Integration
  • PHP, ZEND and Ruby on Rails Applications
  • Web Services, WS-* Standards
  • Java, JEE Based Applications
  • .NET (C#, VB.NET,ASP.NET), Silver Light, WPF Applications
  • Adobe Flex, GWT, AIR Applications
  • We offer third party integration for plenty of other services such as Amazon web services, Google app store etc. For the most comprehensive integration solutions, we are there to help you out. Our knowledge and expertise in this field will ensure excellent quality integration for our clients. We promise to provide your site with kind of support it deserves.